Bringing client focused Executive Search and Talent & Leadership Consulting to your business.

While we tailor our searches to each client's unique requirements, our fundamental process encompasses the following phases and strategies below:

Situation Evaluation

  •      Gain a clear understanding of the reporting relationships, responsibilities and expectations for the candidate
  •      Gain a complete understanding of the client organization

Research, Recruiting and Qualifying

  •      Identify prospective candidates through evaluations of target company organizations, extensive utilization of research data,
         and contacts with knowledgeable executives who, by reason of their positions, could identify and evaluate prospective candidates
  •      Assist in the evaluation and selection of the candidate best qualified to meet your needs
  •      Prepare a concise written analysis of each candidate’s qualifications
  •      Help determine the compensation requirements necessary to attract this individual

Completion of Search

  •      Reference and background check all finalist candidates.
  •      Assist the candidate in preparing for the resignation process, including the appropriate responses to counteroffer
  •          efforts
  •      Follow up with the client and the successful candidate after joining to help ensure a positive, long-term relationship

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